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Meg Ryan Talks Real Beauty

mrtrbYES, THEY HAVE GREAT BONES AND GLOWING SKIN. AND YES, they’re blessed with the sort of casual beauty that we all covet. Meg Ryan no doubt looks dewy after a sleepless night, and Candice Bergen could bring class to sweatpants. But the women who embody authentic beauty aren’t just pretty faces. What makes them truly modern is their attitude: Spirited and secure, they let their looks speak for themselves. Unlike the beauties of other eras, they never try too hard, because wowing people isn’t the point: In the new millennium, success means finding your own rhythm, instead of just pumping up the volume. “These are all strong women with strong inner … Read the rest

Words From The Beauty Professionals

beatyproflsIt’s the day after the Oscars, and already hair and makeup artists are being booked for the following year.

That’s how important securing top talent has become for image-obsessed movie stars.

“I feel like there’s more hysteria now, and I think it comes with the hype of all the other ceremonies,” said Los Angeles hair stylist Anne Morgan, referring to the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. “All of a sudden you have to top them and be bigger and better. And there’s so much more scrutiny, and everyone’s just ready to shred.”

“Everybody is poised with a poison pen as you go down the red carpet, and I … Read the rest

Extracts Continues To Help Show Off Fancy New Products

sofnpThe theme song of the seventh edition of Extracts could well be “Talkin’ About an Evolution.”

The show, held from Friday through Monday at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, boosted attendance by nearly 20 percent and added new packaging and natural products segments.

In addition, trends kicked off at the last edition of the semiannual trade show — which showcases aromatherapy, fragrance and personal care products — also continued to develop, with all-in-one kits, one of the most popular trends of past shows, expanding significantly. The baby items from past exhibitors also grew to embrace infants’ older siblings, like the Miss Molly kiddie makeup line, an Australian firm represented at … Read the rest