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ltbtipsLove glamour-girl eyes? Inviting red lips? A rosy glow? Follow these easy lessons from our beauty pros.

Can I use a bronzer instead of a powder blush regardless of the season?

If you are very pale, bronzer will give you that “fake tan” look, says Cover Girl makeup pro B.J. Gillian. Substitute a beige- or almond-colored blush, lightly dusted on the temples, the bridge of your nose, and the tip of the chin. “It will give your skin a warm glow without looking too `done,'” he explains. Check out Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in Natural Glow or Oil of Olay Blush in Toffee.

What can I do to prevent my lipstick from bleeding?

* A lip-liner pencil helps keep lipstick in place, says Oil of Olay Cosmetics makeup artist Robin Gaines. Still, nothing looks worse than an outlined mouth with worn-off lipstick, so find a lip pencil that matches your lipstick, or try two-in-one lip color and liner sticks such as Maybelline Lip Express Lipstick N’ Liner In One, or Lancome Colour In Two. Use light, feathery strokes to color your lips with the pencil, then apply a coat of lipstick over them.

* Hate lip liner? In your palm, blend a smear of lipstick with a dot of liquid foundation, then apply it with a lip brush, suggests Chase Aston, international consultant for The Body Shop’s Colourings line. Blot and repeat. “The color won’t budge for hours,” he says.

I want my eyes to look bigger. How can I get that dramatic movie-star look?

“Start by lining your bottom lash line with a white pencil to make the white around your iris appear larger,” says Jody Howard, makeup expert for Sears Cosmetics. (Use Circle of Beauty’s Eye Defining Pencil in Silvershine or Revlon’s Timeliner For Eyes in White.) Next, apply a thin streak of black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line to define the shape of your eyes. Blend a dark shade of eye shadow into the outer crease. Then go over the entire lid with a pale, shimmery shadow. “Eyes appear closed up when you cover the entire lid with a dark shade,” he explains. Apply a coat of mascara on all your lashes and a second one only to the outer third. “It will draw the eyes upward,” says Howard.

Help! Even waterproof mascaras don’t stay on my lashes.

Apply a light coat of mascara, then, while lashes are still moist, close eyes and dust translucent powder onto them using a large fluffy brush, suggests Revlon makeup artist Mally Roncal. Apply a second coat. “The powder will help the mascara adhere better and make lashes look thicker,” she says.

I buy those eye-shadow quads, and I never know what to put where on my eyelids.

There is one easy, basic way to apply eye shadow, says Collier Strong, consulting makeup artist to L’Oreal.

1. Using a flat-head eye-shadow brush, sweep a medium-toned shade over the entire eyelid.

2. Next, lightly smudge one of the darker shades with the tip of the brush into the crease and along the upper lash line (for a more dramatic look).

3. Dust the lightest color over the browbone and under the eyebrow arch.

4. Finish with a coat of mascara.

I overplucked my eyebrows years ago, and now the hair grows in unevenly. Can I fake a strong arch without a penciled-in look?

* Using a toothbrush, sweep your brows down, says Neutrogena director of color Corrado di Genova. Fill in the bare spots with eye shadow one shade lighter than your brows, using a stiff brow brush with a slanted tip. Then sweep brow hairs back up.

* Or try a tinted brow gel like Merle Norman’s Tinted Brow Sealer, which comes in a mascara-style tube. Lightly stroke the wand along your brow, then let the gel set. In a pinch, wipe off your regular mascara wand with a tissue, then stroke the residual color onto brows, suggests Walter Johnsen, vice president of creative development for Professionals, a cosmetics line sold exclusively at JC Penney. Brown/black mascara is more natural-looking than black, even if you have dark hair.

I’ve always wanted to wear red lipstick for evening, but most shades are too intense. What’s the right red for me?

“Try a sheer lipstick or stain in cranberry or ruby,” says Michael Moore, a Chicago makeup artist for Bobbi Brown. “These are strong shades, but because they are translucent, they’re not overwhelming.” A good one to try: Cranberry Lip Stain by Bobbi Brown Essentials. Or create your own: Apply lipstick, blot with tissue, then layer your lips with clear or shimmery gloss (like Sally Hansen ColorFast Lip Glaze in Natural) for a luminous shine.

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