Monthly Archive: April 2015

Violence At Schools Needs To Stop

One beautiful day in October on the Purdue University campus in Indiana, an 18-year-old freshman strolled into his dorm. Blaming his RA (resident assistant, or dorm counselor) for the trouble he had gotten into for cocaine possession, the boy pulled out a gun and shot the older student dead.

vasnsThis situation shows signs of the same troubling violence that has infected some high schools across the nation. Not just inner-city schools, but all kinds of schools–suburban and rural as well as urban–have been affected. Every year, there are nearly 3 million incidents of theft or violent crime in or near schools.

Have weapons become as much an accessory in a backpack … Read the rest

A Great Story: Young Lifeguard Saves Child

ylgscThe clear, sparkling water in the Elgin, Illinois, YWCA pool looks inviting. Anxious to start having fun, 5-year-old Jesse Feliciano can’t wait any longer. Even though the lifeguard has not yet given permission, Jesse decides to jump in. Unfamiliar with the pool layout, however, he makes a big mistake. Instead of splashing around in the shallow end, he plunges into the deep end–and he doesn’t know how to swim.

Jesse is surprised and afraid. His feet can’t touch the bottom. Where is the bottom of the pool? He swallows water, chokes, and coughs. He looks up, but no one sees him. He starts sinking under the water.

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Sports And Beauty Needn’t Be Full-On Enemies

Saturday afternoon and you have two hours before it’s time to get ready for dinner. The sane, adult choice would be to shampoo and blow-dry your hair, maybe even go for a manicure or pedicure. But let’s be honest. There’s also time for nine holes of golf, a bike ride or a swim. This, as it turns out, is perhaps the biggest dilemma for the active woman: We love pushing the envelope, especially when the guilty pleasure involves spending more time doing sports and being outdoors. But the consequences–wet hair in a restaurant, bike grease peeking out from under a hemline, shredded fingernails we self-consciously hide in our laps–come Read the rest