Tips For Choosing The Right Over The Counter Skin Tag Removal Products

If you find skin tags bothersome, all you need to do is to employ some effective techniques to remove them. One of the techniques include using over the counter skin tag removal products. Aside from the fact that they are safe, you can also be sure that the size of your skin tags will be reduced if not eliminated. strpHowever, you need to be very careful when using these over the counter skin tag removal products because not all of them are safe to use. Some may contain harsh chemicals that will only irritate your skin or may leave some unpleasant scars. If you want to make sure that you … Read the rest

Skin Tag Removal Products: Amoils

Skin tags are common growths that look like tiny, soft balloons of hanging flesh. While unsightly, they are completely benign, and a single person can have anywhere from one to hundreds of individual skin tags. Men and women are equally likely to develop them. Skin tags are typically about 2 mm-5 mm in diameter, but may grow as large as a grape (1 cm in diameter) or even a fig (5 cm in diameter).amolis They are most commonly found on the base of the neck, armpits, eyelids, groin folds, buttock folds, and under the breasts. Of these, the neck and the armpits are the most common.

Skin tags are believed to develop as a result of friction, either friction between skin and skin or between skin and clothing. Friction will also make existing skin tags worse. Try to avoid letting your skin tags rub against jewelry or clothing.

While they are sometimes confused for warts, skin tags are not related to warts, which are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. Skin tags are not contagious, generally not cancerous, and do not generally cause pain or discomfort. However, they may occasionally require removal when they become irritated and red from bleeding or black from twisting to the point where blood flow to the tag is interrupted and the skin dies. If you are concerned about your skin tags, or just want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons, read on to learn about the top over the counter treatments for the removal of skin tags. The best one, of course, is Revitol.

Amoils Skin Tag Remover

Amoils Skin Tag Remover is manufactured by Healing Natural Oils, LLC, a US-based company that sells products made only from natural ingredients. Their oils are designed to treat (more…)

The 5 Best Anti-Snoring Devices

If you have a serious snoring problem, stop making your own life and the lives of your loved ones miserable and do something about it! While snoring can seem like an insurmountable problem, there are in fact a whole variety of devices and remedies designed to reduce or even completely eliminate snoring.
Of course, not all of these remedies are as effective as others. Pills, snore rings, nasal cones, and special anti-snoring pillows are more than likely going to be a waste of your money. The most effective anti-snoring devices are Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs), special mouthpieces that push your lower (mandibular) jaw forward to open up your airway and allow … Read the rest

Safe Schools Remain Strongest

Securing Safe Schools

ssrsSafety is at the top of the priority list at the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township in Jacksonville. “Safe schools are everyone’s business. We all have to work together to resolve common issues,” states Assistant Superintendent Duane Hodgin. Teachers, students, parents, and the community–all are cooperating partners working for safe schools in the district.

Four years ago, motivated by rising violence around the country, the district enacted a safe-schools plan for grades K through 12. With key elements of prevention, intervention, education, and involvement of everyone, the plan helps the district be prepared.

A district with a diverse population and economic extremes, Lawrence Township was the … Read the rest

Violence At Schools Needs To Stop

One beautiful day in October on the Purdue University campus in Indiana, an 18-year-old freshman strolled into his dorm. Blaming his RA (resident assistant, or dorm counselor) for the trouble he had gotten into for cocaine possession, the boy pulled out a gun and shot the older student dead.

vasnsThis situation shows signs of the same troubling violence that has infected some high schools across the nation. Not just inner-city schools, but all kinds of schools–suburban and rural as well as urban–have been affected. Every year, there are nearly 3 million incidents of theft or violent crime in or near schools.

Have weapons become as much an accessory in a backpack … Read the rest

A Great Story: Young Lifeguard Saves Child

ylgscThe clear, sparkling water in the Elgin, Illinois, YWCA pool looks inviting. Anxious to start having fun, 5-year-old Jesse Feliciano can’t wait any longer. Even though the lifeguard has not yet given permission, Jesse decides to jump in. Unfamiliar with the pool layout, however, he makes a big mistake. Instead of splashing around in the shallow end, he plunges into the deep end–and he doesn’t know how to swim.

Jesse is surprised and afraid. His feet can’t touch the bottom. Where is the bottom of the pool? He swallows water, chokes, and coughs. He looks up, but no one sees him. He starts sinking under the water.

At that moment, Max … Read the rest

Sports And Beauty Needn’t Be Full-On Enemies

Saturday afternoon and you have two hours before it’s time to get ready for dinner. The sane, adult choice would be to shampoo and blow-dry your hair, maybe even go for a manicure or pedicure. But let’s be honest. There’s also time for nine holes of golf, a bike ride or a swim. This, as it turns out, is perhaps the biggest dilemma for the active woman: We love pushing the envelope, especially when the guilty pleasure involves spending more time doing sports and being outdoors. But the consequences–wet hair in a restaurant, bike grease peeking out from under a hemline, shredded fingernails we self-consciously hide in our laps–come Read the rest

Beauty Appliances To Take A Look At

bhstlsA dizzying number of appliances promise to make you look great. But you just want them to work! We checked out the ones women use most–from blow-dryers to makeup mirrors-and found these 6 standouts.

Up Close and Personal

Remington True-to-Light Deluxe Lighted Make-Up Mirror $29.99(*)

We were surprised at the variety and price range ($24.99 to $99) of makeup mirrors available in stores and through catalogs. When we asked a panel of women to evaluate them for design, lighting, cost, magnification, added features, and clarity of image, this model was the clear winner in all categories. Panelists liked the adjustable side mirrors, the 4 light settings (day, office-fluorescent, evening, and home), … Read the rest

Let’s Talk Beauty Tips

ltbtipsLove glamour-girl eyes? Inviting red lips? A rosy glow? Follow these easy lessons from our beauty pros.

Can I use a bronzer instead of a powder blush regardless of the season?

If you are very pale, bronzer will give you that “fake tan” look, says Cover Girl makeup pro B.J. Gillian. Substitute a beige- or almond-colored blush, lightly dusted on the temples, the bridge of your nose, and the tip of the chin. “It will give your skin a warm glow without looking too `done,'” he explains. Check out Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in Natural Glow or Oil of Olay Blush in Toffee.

What can I do to prevent my Read the rest

Save Yourself From A Real Beauty Crisis

rbcRough hands The skin on your hands says a lot about your age. Keep it soft, supple, and young-looking with a lotion that quenches dryness and makes skin feel baby-smooth. Try Curel Soothing Hands, straight off the drugstore shelf. It contains a good dose of glycerin, a potent lubricant, and lasts through numerous handwashings. Also effective: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream ($4.57), Eucerin Plus Alphahydroxy Moisturizing Lotion ($7.99), and Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream ($13.50). Avoid washing with very hot water, it dries out skin. Reapply moisturizer throughout the day.

Yellowing nails A base coat is key the pigments in polish can penetrate and discolor nail layers. Also, be sure to remove … Read the rest